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Terracota Foot Scrubber

Terra cotta is a 100% natural foot scrubber.

Commiphora wightii or Guggal

Guggul has been a key component in ancient Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine.


Walasr brings in Pakistan 100% natural honey for daily use

Herbs & Nature

Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber, A Natural Product by The Nature

Great for Dry Skin

Looking for an eco alternative to the traditional pumice stone? Give terra cotta a try.

Terra cotta is a 100% natural foot scrubber and does not wear out like man-made pumice stones, this particular one is hand formed in Pakistan and essentially is a natural remedy for dry skin on your feet.

Want soft silky skin on your feet? Of course, you do. Well this two-sided scrubber has scrubby pumice like side for exfoliating away dead skin and then there’s the polisher side to smooth away skin, leaving it flake free.

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